“We have already tested the waters, immense potential in the south Asia region”-reveals Hexxion’s CEO!

“We have already tested the waters, immense potential in the south Asia region”-reveals Hexxion’s CEO!

sam, March 8, 2021

“The kind of growing market we wanted to procure, which is witnessing its early days in the tech, entertainment, and fintech, which is ripe for revolution and is ready for the newness in technology, is to be best found and regarded in the south Asian region”- reveals the CEO and founder of Hexxion, Sameera Devuruwan aka Sam Dee.

With notable investments been made by the UAE-based venture capital firm, engendering its prominence in the region, Hexxion has been geared up to enter the South Asian market. “The realization about the potential of the VC firms, and the immense latent buildup that a market like the southern Asian could guarantee, just drove us more to plunge into those waters” as the firm expounded.

Sameera has led the firm and has great endeavors to his name, and this global approach is going to be a breakthrough. The Indian and Sri-Lankan markets as specifically implied by the founder and the CEO, are at a ripe stage, ready to receive the upsurge in the capital, with the best arenas for investments. The UAE center acting as a perfect gateway adds to the sundry benefits.

Hexxion’s varied portfolio is a testament to its knowledgeable investments. Queried about the categorical attributes, the kind of firms they would be investing in, when entering the global scenario,Hexxion unfurled that they had their sight set upon a number of companies that would be proving a two-way benefit.

Thoroughly researched and estimating the growth, Hexxion has made an open-statement about “having already tested the waters” and is ready to deploy its effective plans in the south-Asian regions. With an aim to establish a deal flow, Hexxion is planning to deploy significant capital in the region. The South Asian region is deemed to expect a high percentage rise in the capital upsurge in this decade.


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