Sameera Devuruwan – A successful entrepreneur who took his profession to greater heights of prominence

Sameera Devuruwan – A successful entrepreneur who took his profession to greater heights of prominence

sam, February 28, 2021

SAMEERA DEVURUWAN CEO of HEXXION Entrepreneurship sector is the fastest growing sector but only those with a lot of potential to handle the burden of this struggle intensive sector got prosperity in this self-orient profession. Sameera Devuruwan is one such successful entrepreneur who took this profession to greater heights of prominence.

Sameera Devuruwan or better known as Sam Dee is a thirty one years old entrepreneur who is profoundly known as the CEO of venture capital firm HEXXION. He was born in a small town of Sri Lanka and started his career as a pilot in Sri Lankan Airlines at just an age of eighteen years. But as his destiny wanted to lead him to some other path consequently, an accident left him incapable to continue as a pilot. His life has been full of struggles and ups and downs. He soon started fresh and at mere twenty two he got engaged in investing sector and decided to start his own business.

As a result of his constant determination, he become the owner of Hexxion, a UAE based venture capital firm,a prominent firm based in UAE, extensively inclined towards investing in potential industries globally, and has quite a strong portfolio. Along with this he has also been honoured with the youngest first office in Sri Lankan aviation history, that took his reputation to an ulterior level. He didn’t limit himself to this only and he further plans to own a multi-million conglomerate achieving a lot & the unsaid.

Sameera has proven the world that nothing is impossible in this techy century. His never giving up attitude even after facing a fatal accident gives a lot of lesson to us all. He is a true motivation for millions of youth who wanted to engage in the entrepreneurship sector. His highly lucrative and charismatic personality along with optimistic attitude plays core roles in his successful life journey.


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