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About Hexxion


The future isn’t built by dreamers. It’s built today, by doers. It’s crafted by people who live on the edge of cultural trends and understand where things are heading. Hexxion is investing in projects at the intersection of digital assets, technology and banking as well as digital consumer and fashion start ups. At Hexxion we believe tomorrow is built today.

At Hexxion Ventures, we leverage our deep understanding of transformational technologies to fuel the growth of promising startups. Our primary focus resides in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and lifestyle innovations.

In a world where technology redefines the possible, Hexxion is committed to fostering the growth of emerging companies that are shaping the future. As a dynamic venture capital firm, we specialize in nurturing early-stage businesses that are disrupting industries with blockchain technology, AI, cybersecurity solutions, and lifestyle innovations.


Our Investment Focus



We are strong advocates for the paradigm-shifting capabilities of blockchain technology. We seek to invest in startups that harness this technology to pioneer decentralized, secure, and highly efficient digital solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Hexxion Ventures is on a mission to support startups who envision a future shaped by artificial intelligence. We aim to propel businesses that are leveraging AI to redefine industries, whether it’s through machine learning, natural language processing, or advanced robotics.


In an increasingly interconnected world, cybersecurity becomes paramount. We are eager to support startups that are building robust, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that protect digital assets and maintain privacy.


We believe in enhancing human experiences through technology. If you’re creating innovative products or services that revolutionize everyday life or upscale lifestyle experiences, Hexxion Ventures is ready to propel your vision to new heights.


Our Mission


Our goal is to partner early with these visionary founders to build enduring technology companies. By leveraging Hexxion’s scale, resources, and capital, we aim to provide the support they need to bring their innovative ideas to life.


Our Value


Diversity of perspective is central to our investment approach. Our team is comprised of individuals from various parts of the world, with differing educational and professional backgrounds, ages, and upbringings. This allows us to bring a unique, multifaceted viewpoint to every investment opportunity.


Our Global Reach


With a presence in Dubai, London, Estonia and Colombo, we extend our reach globally. This expansive footprint enables our portfolio companies to better understand