“We have already tested the waters, immense potential in the south Asia region”-reveals Hexxion’s CEO!

“The kind of growing market we wanted to procure, which is witnessing its early days in the tech, entertainment, and fintech, which is ripe for revolution and is ready for the newness in technology, is to be best found and regarded in the south Asian region”- reveals the CEO and founder of Hexxion, Sameera Devuruwan […]

UAE’s venture capital firm Hexxion is garnering market stance through tech-startup!

Hexxion has proclaimed to launched its latest tech-inclined startup -QICKSHOP this mid-year, with an out-of-the-box perspective. A VC firm with its prime-mover- CEO and founder, Sameera Devuruwan aka Sam Dee, has transformed startup ideation into a revenue-generating source in no time. “ A good businessman sees where others don’t see”, the saying has been proven […]

Sameera Devuruwan – A successful entrepreneur who took his profession to greater heights of prominence

SAMEERA DEVURUWAN CEO of HEXXION Entrepreneurship sector is the fastest growing sector but only those with a lot of potential to handle the burden of this struggle intensive sector got prosperity in this self-orient profession. Sameera Devuruwan is one such successful entrepreneur who took this profession to greater heights of prominence. Sameera Devuruwan or better […]

Is QICKSHOP the doom of traditional e-commerce?

HEXXION, the venture capital firm in UAE known for carving out the best opportunities, have unfurled their plans to disarray the traditional e-commerce in the materializing markets, with the launch of QICKSHOP in UAE, the pioneering fully suburbanized mobile-based network. With Hexxion having a strong disposition towards unique ideas and being a VC firm that […]

Hexxion aims at harnessing the international VC potential with pioneering ideas!

The UAE-based Venture capital firm has been targeting the flourishing and materializing markets recently. Chasing the deals best suited for the firm, the CEO and founder of the firm has an eye to the main chance. Effectuating its strategized plans, the VC firm has set its sight on the Southern-Asian region, targeting Indian and Sri-Lankan […]